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Milton Keynes warehouse invasion!

So team Milton Keynes are gearing up for the launch of our brand new 18,000+ sq ft warehouse, and we’re delighted to announce that the opening day will be the 4TH OF SEPTEMBER!

As well as the event on the day where we’ll have free food, drink, competitions and games, we’ll also be giving Milton Keynes customers the opportunity to use their vouchers that will be arriving in the post! Deals for days!

From the 5th we’ll be open 7am to 5pm and Regional Operations Manager Dean Jackson and Trade Sales Manage Mike Tierney and his team will be wowing locals with their excellent customer service skills, freshly ground coffee….and quite a lot of cake.

If you’re a local, sign up online now so your account’s ready and waiting!



Another New RFC?! In Milton Keynes?!

“We’re looking at opening a brand new regional facility in Milton Keynes” the advert said in large letters.

Williams and Co. is a household name in the South and they’ve just opened their first branch in Manchester. I’d heard the name from suppliers and they’ve been making waves with the heating and plumbing engineers online – I would have been mad to not apply really.

Turns out luck was on my side and after a few positive meetings, I got given the gig.

Initially, I was a bit worried. It’s a tall order to open a new branch but a whole new regional facility with plans to open more local branches? That could be a challenge.

Then again, I’m the right man for the job. Born and bred in Milton Keynes, Bletchley is my stomping ground. I know the city and I know the industry. With my background in building merchant, I’ve dealt with suppliers and traders alike for well over a decade. There was a good reason I helped win contracts to work with the likes of Red Bull and Network Rail.


It’s time to start constructing a plan;

We need a space we can call home. A big space, with enough racking stuffed to the rafters with the best products at the lowest prices in the industry. We need staff; hard grafters that know their stuff back-to-front. Last but by no means least, we need good customers to keep coming back to us.


That bit is easy though. We don’t faff around with our prices like other trade merchants do. We only sell to trade (It’s a sackable offence here..) and we guarantee you the best prices, and that’s one price – None of this “my mate knows a guy” or haggling at the counter for discount. We’re professionals after all.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ll be writing here soon to let you know how I’m getting on and planning the big Milton Keynes launch..




What’s happening after the Launch?

Things just keep getting better and better!

Our launch party seems to have had a good effect, we have new customers coming from all over town wanting our coffee and deals.


One of the best things to have happened is that one of our lovely suppliers donated an HD flatscreen TV to our charity raffle, won by one of our lucky customers! Imagine coming past the branch, getting a free beer, free burrito and leaving with a free TV!

Even though we can’t give everyone a free TV, we can give you the best prices in the industry with along with the best brands.


(Please note the mini-Richard on top of the TV)

We’ve had people from all over visiting; Stockport, Glossop, Wigan, Bolton – Even Liverpool have dropped by to give us a visit. We’re fully stocked so drop on by and get some of our top notch coffee down you.


The Big Day


Well, how good was that?

If you came to our launch event on the 26th, you’ll know exactly what we were talking about. It was absolutely fantastic and the proper launch this branch of Williams & Co. deserved.

We had a huge marquee outside the warehouse packed with our suppliers, all showing off their latest kit. The burrito stand was a huge hit, giving out over 200 burritos between us all. The 2nd favourite bit was the free bar – Local IPA and beer on tap for everyone that came!


The best bit though was the voucher books- they look amazing. With over £3,000 worth of discounts from boilers to piping, they were a huge hit.


Don’t worry though, if you (sadly) missed out on the launch event all you have to do is open an account in the next month or get in touch if you have one and we’ll send you one out too. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have already worked with Williams in the past, we’ll even come over and drop you one off at your door.

So that’s it – We’re well on the road now. The store is open and fully stocked and we’re ready and waiting for you to come and visit our lovely team.


Tom’s Blog 5 – A Good Day to Move Hard

Tom’s Blog 5 – A Good Day to Move Hard

The RFC is filling up nicely. We’re pulling stock from all over the country to get it filled in time for the launch party on the 26th June. The Marketing team down in Fareham have told me that the team are dead excited to come up to meet us all for the day and to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Manchester branch. Warehouse 025

Launch day is looking to be great fun, we’ve nicknamed it ‘Williamsfest’ already as that’s the kind of vibe we’re going to have there. There will be plenty of food to go around and we’ve even got a local bar attending so you can help yourself to a cheeky pint.

You might have even heard from us recently, myself and the team have been blitzing the phones to make sure everyone knows the plan, and that we’re firing up the coffee machines ready to open for trade on the 27th of June.. and of course, to let the secret few know about the party we’re planning on the 26th..

Warehouse 014

We’ve put together something a bit special too, over £3000+ of discounts for the new customers of Manchester. Keep an eye out for your invite coming through the door. If you haven’t got one but want to come a long, drop an email to marketing@williams.uk.com and we’ll make sure you’re on “the list”.

Anyway, this racking isn’t going to fill itself and we have a tonne more lorries headed this way brimming with stock.