Exciting times for the Williams & Co famalam!

John Lucas jumping out of a box!
John Lucas – our new Operations Manager!

We are extremely pleased to announce that John Lucas, a former heating engineer and very popular customer, has decided to jump on board the Williams & Co bus and join us as the Operations Manager for our brand spanking new Bristol branch!

From June 12th this year John will be enjoying the good life on the other side of the counter, leading the team at our new 11,000 sq ft Bristol branch in Filton. He’ll be bringing his unique trade experience to the area to provide an ‘Excellent’ counter AND Same Day delivery service to wow local plumbing and heating engineers – John understands why consistent, fast service is essential to our customers.

(When he’s not jumping out of boxes…)

Check out our 9.8 out of 10 TrustPilot score for yourself here!

Sign up for account now so you can stay ahead of the game before the branch launch – www.tradeonlyplumbing.co.uk

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