The Big Day


Well, how good was that?

If you came to our launch event on the 26th, you’ll know exactly what we were talking about. It was absolutely fantastic and the proper launch this branch of Williams & Co. deserved.

We had a huge marquee outside the warehouse packed with our suppliers, all showing off their latest kit. The burrito stand was a huge hit, giving out over 200 burritos between us all. The 2nd favourite bit was the free bar – Local IPA and beer on tap for everyone that came!


The best bit though was the voucher books- they look amazing. With over £3,000 worth of discounts from boilers to piping, they were a huge hit.


Don’t worry though, if you (sadly) missed out on the launch event all you have to do is open an account in the next month or get in touch if you have one and we’ll send you one out too. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have already worked with Williams in the past, we’ll even come over and drop you one off at your door.

So that’s it – We’re well on the road now. The store is open and fully stocked and we’re ready and waiting for you to come and visit our lovely team.


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