Tom’s Blog 5 – A Good Day to Move Hard

Tom’s Blog 5 – A Good Day to Move Hard

The RFC is filling up nicely. We’re pulling stock from all over the country to get it filled in time for the launch party on the 26th June. The Marketing team down in Fareham have told me that the team are dead excited to come up to meet us all for the day and to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Manchester branch. Warehouse 025

Launch day is looking to be great fun, we’ve nicknamed it ‘Williamsfest’ already as that’s the kind of vibe we’re going to have there. There will be plenty of food to go around and we’ve even got a local bar attending so you can help yourself to a cheeky pint.

You might have even heard from us recently, myself and the team have been blitzing the phones to make sure everyone knows the plan, and that we’re firing up the coffee machines ready to open for trade on the 27th of June.. and of course, to let the secret few know about the party we’re planning on the 26th..

Warehouse 014

We’ve put together something a bit special too, over £3000+ of discounts for the new customers of Manchester. Keep an eye out for your invite coming through the door. If you haven’t got one but want to come a long, drop an email to and we’ll make sure you’re on “the list”.

Anyway, this racking isn’t going to fill itself and we have a tonne more lorries headed this way brimming with stock.


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