The Big Move 4 – Live Free or Move Hard

What is a Muffin?
A question that has plagued humanity for centuries, and the current big discussion making it around the Williams Manchester facility. When I was down south, we would have chocolate chip or blueberries on a muffin. It’s a kind of cake, right?
Wrong. Up north I’ve been informed that muffins are the what you put sausage or bacon in. A roll or bap, I can understand. A cob even, if you’re from the midlands. The non-acceptance and confusion of this food vocabulary has painted me out as a target to the lads in the branch here. I think it’s still a cake.

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In other news, we’ve just had our new computer system installed and the team have been learning it back-to-front tirelessly to ensure we’re able to hit the ground running and offer the fastest and most efficient service in the area from our grand launch on the 26th of June. You might have even heard from us recently too as we’ve been busy calling everyone to let them know about our huge launch event and to try and entice you all down with some exclusive offers. Pop in for a beer and some food on the house and come see our new home and meet the team! We’ll even have our friends from central support in Fareham coming up for a visit.
It’s all really starting to take shape now. Everyone is working so hard to transform our empty unit into a must-see warehouse with new racking being assembled and fresh stock arriving all the time. Even as I write this, the legendary Williams coffee machine is being installed so we can work even faster. I can’t stress this enough; if you’re passing by, stop in and grab one. It’s honestly the best free coffee you’ll get your hands on. You can even pick a side on the muffin debate whilst I show you what we have and what’s to come.


It’s still definitely a cake though.


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