Meet Richard!

Meet Richard Crump,

He’s the new Trade Counter Manager for our upcoming huuuuuge Manchestricharder branch. The branch will be opening on the 27th of June – not long now – with a *bit* of a party in the planning…(Watch this space).

If he seems like a familiar face, Richard has a great range of experience, from self-employed plumbing and heating contracting to site inspector, to contracts Manager. And now one of the kick ass Williams team!

He’ll be responsible for delivering our now legendary Williams service. We pride ourselves on always striving for Best Service, and we’ll not be skimping at our Manchester branch. We’ve got many years of plumbing, heating and merchant experience behind our counters, plus the Williams ‘get it right’ attitude and some awesome free coffee, but perhaps most importantly, we know that our independent business keeps YOUR independent business going.

Commercial Team #bestcompanies

Here are a few more of the teams behind our people power:



Our Commercial team are always working to try to get you the best products at the best prices (When they’re not growing their beards).




Our existing branches train up our new teams so they know exactly what kind of standard of service is expected of them. They also show them how to make a bloody good cup of coffee…





The team at Central Support in Fareham, Hampshire, make sure everything is running smoothly from down south, shooting stock (and biscuits) out to our branches.



Doggos!….urm, everyone loves a dog?

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