Starring Tom ‘The B’ Bird

Managing to break my travel case at 4am wasn’t the best start to my trip back down South to see the Williams family. In the end, digging around in the attic amongst the unemptied moving boxes to find a spare was the only solution much Manchesterblog3to the annoyance of the family trying to sleep.

I was off to meet the Manchester team at the airport for a flight back to introduce them to the Central Support team down in Fareham, Hampshire. I’m treating them to a week’s course in Williams culture – Or, “How we do things round here”.
It’s not as easy as it sounds, learning how to provide the best products at the best price. They’ll be visiting some of the outstanding branches around the South to get some hands-on experience ready for the Big Opening (STAY TUNED!).
I’m so glad to have such an enthusiastic team. We can’t wait to get cracking up at our enormous Mamanchesterblog3cnchester facility and to meet you all too.

Speaking of which, the facility has been coming along nicely. While I was moving house and shifting hundreds of boxes and the family, Dan, Steve, Paul and Ryan have been busy assembling the pallet racking. The builders have been in and sorted the Mezzanine and the office space. It’s really starting to take shape and it looks utterly fantastic. It really shows what a hard working and organised team can achieve in two weeks – imagine what we can do with a year!
Anyway, it’s been much busier there than at my new house. The boxes are nearly all away now and the dining room has been painted a magnolia colour – not too exciting admittedly, but much better than the rather… um… ‘vibrant’ tango orange it used to be.

So the Williams train rolls on, a very exciting time with so much more to come. I’ve been having a brilliant time so far, the family are loving the north and opening day edges ever closer. Roll on June – Williams & Co is coming!!!!


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