And the location is….


We might have to pull out of the move.

… Is not what you want to hear when you are so close to uprooting your life and moving 360 miles north. This is what I was told by our estate agents regarding the sale of our house on my final drive up to Manchester.
Thankfully it seemed to be just a storm in a teacup. Keys were received and we’re ready to move in. No turning back now. It’s said that a new house is up there with death and divorce for causing stress, and I think that might be right as I’ve definitely gained a few more grey hairs in my beard in the past few weeks! All the same, I’m very pleased to announce that our new location will be –

1  Satellite Park



M24 1RU
It’s not all go for me though; a lot has gone on in the Williams & Co world too. We had a staggering response to our adverts and we now have some key players in place for the Manchester facility.


Dave enjoying some space!

Richard, our new trade sales manager has been an installer for several years himself among many other sales roles and it instantly struck me how alike our backgrounds are. He comes with a wealth of experience and local knowledge and embodies the excellent customer experience that Williams & Co offer.
I’m not the only one moving up from the southern Williams & Co family though. Barry, our warehouse supervisor has vast experience in his field and knows the way we like things done. He will be making sure our stock always stays full and at the best prices on the market.


We’ll have over 17,000 square foot of warehouse space – when the lorry’s gone!

Filling up the other roles in the Warehouse, Trade Counter and Drivers has never been so easy with so many people talented and enthusiastic candidates applying to join our fledgling facility in the North. In the coming weeks I’ll be saying my goodbyes to my friends and family in the south and hopefully making many more new friends too.
Anyway, I’m off to take another long trip up the motorway to go and see if the electricians have finished installing our lights, cables and most importantly, the coffee machine. Watch this space because next time you hear from me, I’ll be learning how to become a fully-fledged Mancunian!

Tom Bird


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